Using Scientific Evidence To Debunk The Idea That Natural Medicine Is Hokey While Conventional Medicine Is Real

While magazines like Forbes and others tout the idea that alternative medicine has zero actual evidence proving its efficacy, this is simply not the case.  There is a great deal of research on natural medicine, including real clinical trials that have influenced conventional medicine’s treatment decisions across the board. Several of these are discussed in the article, an excerpt of which can be found below.



“For a distinguished, disinterested researcher, [the writer of the Forbes article] certainly has strong opinions on incompletely researched topics.  The central idea of the article is that the money spent by our government on “alternative medicine”  is a complete waste and nothing “alternative” has ever turned out



to be useful.

This is where we would say, “Hold on, back up, please.”  This is simply not true.  Even though proponents of conventional medicine assert that alternative medicine is useless, and further, that we must all use ONLY conventional treatments because only these have been proven to work, this is actually not the case.  However, most Americans believe  inaccurate memes because of articles such as the Forbes piece and many others like it which they are barraged with on a continual basis.”


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