Jobs In Healthcare are still an option

Seeking An Alternative Health Care Position? With Many Jobs Becoming Obsolete, Health Care Remains An Option

The future outlook for jobs is not quite rosy. It’s predicted that many of the jobs that exist today will be long forgotten in only a few years. While this is just economical evolution, it also should serve as a wakeup call to young people seeking a direction in life, in terms of career options. Also, older individuals seeking to change paths should heed this warning as well. However, health care is still a valid choice, as people will always require health services, and there are some roles that will endure, regardless of our cultural shift.

Jobs In Healthcare are still an option

Jobs In HealthCare Are Still An Option

There’s nothing you can really do about change. It’s going to happen. However, being prepared is essential. For those old enough to remember, the TV cartoon series of the 1980s called GI Joe always proclaimed at the end of each episode, “knowing is half the battle.” And, indeed it is. Had you trained to tend to steam engines right at the end of the era of that now-forgotten technology, you’d be out of luck. But if you researched a bit, went to the World’s Fair, and found that the combustion engine was set to overtake the world, you’d be prepared.

What’s happening now is all about the “AI Revolution”, usually just shorted these days to simply AI. And, robots taking away many jobs is not far behind. That means that lots and lots of jobs that people once performed are being done by machines, robots, and intelligent computers. Is that really so bad? It doesn’t have to be. There are still career choices that can keep you making a decent living, but only if you heed the stark warnings and prepare.

Begin by checking out the Health Care Professional Organizations , just to get an idea of what types of careers are out there. Next, explore your options. Use Google, talk to career counselors, and do your own research in every way possible. Talk to people you know in health care. Arrange to visit places where you can ask questions of those already working as health care professionals. Check out every jobs site possible, and learn that there are probably jobs like occupational therapist, art therapist, and others, that you haven’t even heard of, that are increasingly popular these days, and likely to grow in popularity in the days and years to follow.

There are traditional health careers, such as doctor and nurse. But what about dietitian? Or massage therapist jobs? You’re going to have to think carefully. All of these are here to stay; while computers can diagnose some diseases with innovative AI programs, there’s never going to be a replacement, in full, for skilled physicians and surgeons. Nurses care for patients and physician’s assistants help doctors. There’s little chance that these jobs will disappear, either.

Read up on AI. Find out what entire categories of careers are set to disappear, and which jobs in healthcare will probably stop being viable choices. And then, consider those future options that are at risk of disappearing as obsolete choices. Sure; many universities and trade schools will offer training for jobs that are on the way out, but it’s your responsibility to find out precisely what those jobs are, and avoid them. If you are seeking to help people get well and stay well, there are still plenty of quality choices.

Did you know that many hospitals now have licensed massage therapists on-staff that get paid a good wage, receive health benefits, and even provide a retirement fund? In the past, this was unimaginable, and people, mostly women, worked in day spas. But even a few years ago, there were few day spas, and massage parlors, seedy dens of iniquity, were the rule, and not the exception. Massage jobs have come a long way.

With the focus on diet and wellness, dietitians are becoming more common everywhere. Hospitals always had dietitians on staff, but the role is growing, as everyone from truck drivers to white collar executives seek to make better food choices. Only twenty years ago, most knew very little about diet. Maybe they were aware of carbs, protein, and fats. But now, nearly anyone you talk with knows about good fats, phytonutrients, anti-cancer foods, and lots more. In fact, they probably know more than a nutritionist from 1980! The knowledge has advanced that far.

Remember, your life path is up to you. The future will take you where you direct your energies and education and training. A career in health care is not out of your reach, but be aware of where the trends are taking us, as a society. There’s no reason to go into structural engineering if you’ve planned on becoming a health care professional. Just be aware that the options are changing, and with those changes, adaptive individuals will be prepared and adjust their plans and careers focus accordingly.


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